Stellantis and Amazon collaborate on digital cockpit for future EVs

Stellantis and Amazon collaborate on digital cockpit for future EVs

Stellantis will work with Amazon to develop a new SmartCockpit connectivity platform for vehicles launching globally from 2024.

The two firms have partnered to “create a suite of software-based products and services that seamlessly integrate with customers’ digital lives and add value over time through regular over-the-air (OTA) software updates”.

The SmartCockpit platform will be rolled out to electric vehicles across the Stellantis portfolio that use the new STLA architecture, the first of which is due in 2024. 

In-depth details of its proposed functionality have yet to be detailed, but Stellantis said it will “seamlessly integrate with customers’ digital lives to create personalised, intuitive in-vehicle experiences”. 

The first hint at how it will be integrated into Stellantis vehicles came with the unveiling earlier today of the new Chrysler Airflow concept, which places a high-definition screen in front of each vehicle occupant and is equipped with advanced sharing and communication functionality.

Amazon’s involvement enables the integration of the firm’s Alexa voice assistant, which will be used for navigation, maintenance, commercial and payment functions.

The SmartCockpit will also include an App Store to offer “curated services and experiences”, while an adaptive interface will present information and features to best suit each occupant. 

Each Stellantis vehicle can use a different variation of the platform. As an example, the company said, the Chrysler Pacifica MPV could offer a family trip planner with recommendations for media playback, points of interest and restaurants en route, while SUVs from sibling brand Jeep could come with a dedicated virtual coach for tackling off-road terrain. 

As part of the new partnership, Stellantis will work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to train more than 5000 developers and engineers in cloud technologies by 2024.