Take it or leave it: used picks for 4 February

Take it or leave it: used picks for 4 February

The example we found is a 2015 car with a two-owner history and 47,000 miles on the clock. That’s around 15,000 miles higher than the average R of the same age, but its full service history put our mind at ease.

That Santorini Black paint makes it look positively sinister, while its £43,950 price tag represents a saving of about £20,000 over used examples of the SVR (and just under half of the model’s original £90,860 list price).

Before buying, check that all necessary work has been completed, as four-wheel-drive F-Types built before March 2015 (like our example) were subject to a recall to make sure the correct anti-roll bars were fitted.

Verdict: Take it

Rover Cityrover, £1995: A rebadged Tata Indica from India, the Cityrover had the unenviable task of rescuing Rover from financial ruin. It was spacious inside and fairly nippy, but its poor comfort, lack of refinement and appalling driving characteristics spelled an embarrassing end for the company. At £1995, this example is also rather expensive for all of its inherent flaws.

Verdict: Leave it