Tesla Self-Driving Cars Run into Potholes

Tesla Self-Driving Cars Run into Potholes

The Tesla comes up to a red light at an intersection in Brooklyn…and keeps going.

“We just went through a red light,” the exasperated driver says.

The driver, who appears in a CNBC video, is one of thousands of  whom Tesla is allowing to try new and unfinished driver assistance features on public roads in the U.S. through a program called Full Self Driving Beta, or FSD Beta.

‘I’m Getting Honked At’

“I’m getting honked at,” says the driver, Taylor Ogan, founder and CEO of Snow Bull Capital. “Now it’s going left.”

Tesla has a lot riding on its self-driving program. CEO Elon Musk told analysts last month that full-self-driving feature will become Tesla’s first engine of growth.