The best books for car enthusiasts at Christmas 2021

The best books for car enthusiasts at Christmas 2021

As a new parent, I’ve sadly not read a single book this year. So I will default to the best motoring publication of all: Autocar. Yes, it’s a shameless sales pitch, but while I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve had the joy of dipping in and out of Autocar as a reader rather than a contributor.

I love the smell of the ink and paper (some call me weird), I love reading it from back to front and I love the content. I’m totally and utterly biased, yet I truly believe there isn’t a more enjoyable compendium of all things motoring than this magazine.

Exactly – Simon Winchester

In his fascinating delve into the origins and applications of precision engineering and how it made the world we live in, Simon Winchester surprisingly takes in the automotive industry via the industrial revolution and space travel.

Using the Henrys (Royce and Ford) as examples, he looks at how two individuals operating at the same time but with very different goals (one to make the best car in the world, the other to make the most affordable) couldn’t have achieved anything without a meticulous attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection.

Engagingly written and extremely well researched, it also serves as a reminder that even the most humble and basic cars are mind-bogglingly sophisticated marvels of engineering that should be celebrated.