The eco-friendly tyres designed for greater EV efficiency

The eco-friendly tyres designed for greater EV efficiency

“Enso is incentivised to increase tyre durability since, unlike traditional trye makers, our revenues aren’t linked to volume. Instead, our offer to fleets is that we believe our tyres’ slower wear rates will give their vehicles a longer operating life between tyre changes, so reducing downtime and replacement charges, while extending vehicle range and helping the planet by reducing emissions. By supplying directly to the customeron subscription, we retain more margin.”

Enso’s tyre subscription is part of the company’s ‘tyres as a service’ model, a term inspired by the ‘Transport as a service’ (Taas) vehicle rental model that could replace car ownershipin future years. Later this year, in partnership with taxi manufacturer LEVC and Zeti, a company dedicated to financing zero-emission vehicles, Enso will begin supplying London’s largest taxi fleet with its top-line EV tyres, targeting improvements in range as well as reductions in tyre emissions.

“It’ll be the perfect opportunity to test our Tass model,” says Erlendsson. Traditional tyre makers will be watching.

How Enso is reducing tyre wear

Aside from its mould-breaking subscription model, Enso founder and CEO Gunnlaugur Erlendsson knows Enso’s real edge lies in what he claims to be its more sustainable, eco-friendly EV tyres.

As tyres, which are largely made from crude oil, wear down they emit pollution in the form of particulates. Present not only in the air, these particulates also constitute up to 28% of all ocean microplastics and exceed those emitted from vehicle exhausts. Particulate pollution is a bigger problem for EVs as their increased weight and torque causes tyres to wear out faster (by as much as 20% according to a report by Morgan Stanley) than regular vehicles. 

Some major manufacturers insist EV tyres wear no faster than regular ones. In reply, Erlendsson insists the relationship between a vehicle’s weight and tyre wear ‘is simple physics’. He quotes Richard Kramer, CEO of Goodyear, who in a recent interview said that EV tyres can wear up to 50% faster than regular ones. “It was his argument for selling more tyres!” says Erlendsson.