These Are The Best Second-Generation Cars

These Are The Best Second-Generation Cars

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Photo: Accord14, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

FRS/BRZ isn’t a great answer, IMO, because it’s mostly a refresh and the original car was already pretty fucking great.

Corvette came to mind, but since that’s taken, I’m going to try to think outside of the box here and suggest a Cadillac. The CTS. Because the second generation brought us this:

The CTS’s first generation may have had a V variant, but it didn’t come in a long-roof silhouette. For the Ultimate American Road Trip Wagon, buyers had to wait until the CTS’s second outing in 2008. Good things came to those who waited, too, since that wagon packed 556 horses under its hood.

As for the Toyobarus, the first gen was fantastic. I put my money where my mouth is on it and bought one. But to an owner, it seems like the second generation fixed a lot of the odd, niche flaws of the early cars.

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