Top 10 best affordable sports cars 2022

Top 10 best affordable sports cars 2022

Toyota certainly isn’t pulling its punches, then. And in many ways, it’s the Supra that makes for the superior sports car. It might not be able to quite match the handling purity and balance of the Porsche, but it isn’t far off. Its ride is impressively supple, its engine is smooth and far more characterful and it’d be far easier to live with on a daily basis. 

For those for whom a £50,000-plus pricetag is a little too rich, meanwhile, Toyota has lately released the GR Supra, a lightly cheaper, four-cylinder, 2.0-litre version of the car whose handling might even benefit from the relative lightness of the smaller engine.

7. Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ

An all-new junior Toyota sports – dubbed GR 86 – is upon us, but the existing GT86 and its Subaru BRZ sister still ought to get your attention.

These are excellent sports cars, with manual gearboxes, superb chassis balance and, best of all, not too much grip, so you can play around with them at sensible speeds. They represent an authentic and refreshing alternative to the likes of the Mazda MX-5 for those seeking simple, affordable rear-drive fun.

Production of the first-generation GT86 ended in late 2019, but it’s still possible to find delivery-miles examples. At the right price, it’d be hard to resist.

8. BMW Z4 M40i

In a recent group test, the range-topping BMW Z4 M40i came out victorious against a lower-order Porsche 718 Boxster T. Although we concluded that it ultimately wasn’t as composed, incisive or keen-handling as the daintier Boxster, its refinement, powerful and responsive straight six engine and bruising straight-line pace won it a great deal of affection from our testers. That it also has a distinct sense of street-fighter character also weighs heavily in the BMW’s favour.

That said, the higher-order strains of the 718 still provide a purer, more enticing take on an affordable sports car. And while there’s undoubtedly plenty of scope for excitement on offer in the BMW, as a precision tool it’s still not quite as sharp as some of the lighter, smaller contenders in this class.