Top 10 Best electric sports cars 2022

Top 10 Best electric sports cars 2022

3. Lotus Evija

Now this is where it gets interesting. The cars from this point on are ones we’re yet to drive, but they do exist on something more than a theoretical level – sometimes much more. 

The £2 million Evija is now expected to be officially launched during the summer of 2021. The bald statistics are somewhat mind-numbing. Lotus itself was recently surprised to find that the car’s four motors together deliver more than 2000bhp, rather than the 1973bhp previously quoted. That will act against 1680kg, which is relatively light in EV terms, and so performance will feel like freefall, we imagine.

However, Lotus is tuning the car for handling and dynamism more than raw statistics, and so the power delivery is said to crescendo, rather like any naturally aspirated engine would. Just how much the Evija bottles traditional Lotus traits remains to be seen, but if any of the upcoming electric hypercars can truly appeal as a driver’s car, Hethel’s effort is probably our best bet.  

4. Rimac C_Two

You may not have heard of Rimac (equally, if not, how?), but if you want to understand the stature this young and innovative company has already gained in the automotive industry, consider the following: Porsche took a 10% stake in the Croatian business in 2018, then increased that to 16% in 2019, and now, in 2021, it looks likely Rimac will shortly acquire Bugatti. 

The C_Two is the follow-up to the Concept One, which in 2017 was arguably the first machine to kick-start the electric hypercar trend, with its 1073bhp output, 220mph top speed and £670,000 asking price. Just 150 examples will be made – almost all of which are apparently spoken for – and deliveries are planned for 2021. In the UK, sales have been through established dealership group HR Owen.

The hardware is compelling, if somewhat eye-watering. The car is built around a composite tub, and there’s an electric motor for each wheel, with independent single-speed gearboxes at the front and two two-speed dual-clutch ’boxes for the back axle. The aim is to ensure the C_Two can make the most of its 1888bhp and, more important, its mountainous 1696lb ft.