Top 10 best estate cars 2022

Top 10 best estate cars 2022

Audi might have diversified its range to include superminis and a mid-engined supercar, but a four-wheel-drive mid-sized executive estate, preferably powered by an effortlessly smooth-spinning diesel V6, exemplifies what the brand is about.

And although a BMW 5 Series will better reward its driver every day of the week, in terms of mechanical refinement, technological sophistication and percieved cabin quality, the Audi pips its compatriot. Along with luggage capacity to spare, this car delivers the authentic Audi experience.

Audi’s engine range for the car reads like a restaurant menu, offering convention four-cylinder petrols and diesels; six-cylinder petrols and diesels; two distinct petrol-electric plug-in hybrids; and then two further performance wagons in the S6 and RS6. Whatever you have, be sure to choose air suspension if you can.

Just five miles in a V90 is enough to show you firmly where Volvo’s priorities lay when designing this car. The high waistline and steeply raked dashboard cocoon passengers within a materially rich cabin, and the V90 feels supremely robust and secure, given the luxury on offer. The ride quality makes good on that promise of insulation from the outside world, and although the suspension can feel a little brittle at low speeds, it’s right up there with the best as a motorway cruiser.

Few cars gobble up colossal mileage in such style and comfort, but the V90 ultimately trails the class leaders because of its loose body control, a slight imprecision in the driving controls and relatively coarse four-cylinder engines. Where the latter are concerned, the choice is between four-cylinder petrols or a similar diesel – or there’s the T6 Recharge petrol-electric plug-in hybrid, which is one of our favourite of Volvo’s electrified powertrains.

With its higher roofline, the 508 Station Wagon immediately outscores its saloon sibling because rear head room isn’t so restricted. Granted, this estate is not as spacious some rivals, or as good to drive, but it rides well enough at speed, steers with pleasing accuracy and is arguably the prettiest estate car in any segment.