Top 10 best grand tourers 2022

Top 10 best grand tourers 2022

Of course, the Model S is quick in a straight line, too. The forthcoming Plaid model makes more than 1000bhp from its three electric motors and is supposedly capable of hitting 62mph from a standstill in less than 2.0sec. We’ll believe that when we see it, but even the lower-powered versions are still wickedly fast.

Dynamically, the Model S has always behaved like the big, heavy car that it is. You don’t have to be pushing too hard to begin testing the limits of grip, but settle down and it’s a fast, mostly comfortable long-distance tourer. There’s a softness to its air-sprung ride that makes the Tesla a relaxing motorway cruiser, but it can also feel just a natch too floaty on faster, undulating stretches of road.

As for the interior design, Tesla has become a byword for minimalism. Physical controls are sparse, with the vast majority of the car’s features being controlled either by a small collection of buttons on the steering wheel or via the colossal touchscreen. The Model S is an impressively spacious car, with loads of second-row room, and while material quality has improved over the years, it’s still not quite a match for that of the very best European marques. Build quality has been known to be a bit iffy in places, too.


Kia’s trajectory in terms of good design has become ever steeper since it hired Peter Schreyer to reinvent the brand’s aesthetic, but what you might not know is that top European engineering talent has also been acquired to make the cars drive as well as they look. 

And so it is with the Stinger GT S. Here is a rear-driven fastback that uses a 365bhp 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 – and the result is a car that possesses the sort of satisfying steering feel and balance that have historically been available in only certain BMW and Jaguar saloons.

A refresh for 2021 has introduced a new infotainment system alongside some minor material tweaks. The cabin still isn’t quite as polished as that of, say, an Audi A7, but it’s comfortable and the car’s long-distance manners are assured, courtesy of the pliant ride. The cabin’s roomy, too, and then there’s the asking price: at £42,595, the Stinger GT S is an indisputable bargain.