Top Performance Driving Schools In The USA

Top Performance Driving Schools In The USA

Turning the wheel and pressing the gas is what most people think about when driving. But, with the right car and proper circumstances, driving goes from routine to downright exciting.

Drive a car to the limit and you can get to experience the adrenaline pumping side of any four wheel machine. However, you have to learn how to do it in a controlled environment, guided by professionals. Learning how to drift, stay on the racing line, deal with under and over steer, snow covered roads, they all need baby steps and a teacher willing to help.

Here some of the top driving schools in the US where you can get introduced into the art of driving performance cars to the limit.

BMW Performance Advanced M School – Palm Springs

BMW pushes most of the technology developed in its motorsport programs towards the M Performance division for street cars. Thus, BMW M models come to the market with outstanding performance figures, allowing the owner to dive into the thrill of tight corners and fast straights.

 The BMW M Driving School makes use of the superb Thermal racetrack in Thermal CA to provide some of the highest level performance driving classes in the US. Follow-the-leader scenarios will get students accustomed to faster and faster laps around the circuit, while braking points are explained and discussed individually.

Oversteer and understeer are dealt with during the Drifting course. At the end, students get to do a full-course lapping to test their acquired knowledge, potentially aiming for a pro career.

BMW Performance Two Day M School – Spartanburg, South Carolina

With just as beautiful scenery as California, the BMW Performance school in Spartanburg South Carolina rises above the competition via its technical track and a wet concrete skid pad.

The Two Day M school will bring students together with a professional instructor, to teach students how to tame and ride an M Performance BMW. Specifically, the course touches subjects such as Drifting, Figure 8 driving, Autocross (with specific technical turns) and Time Attack scenarios. At the end of the course, the student will have a proper grasp of the driving elements needed to balance the car on the track and shave time off of each lap.

Skip Barber Racing School – Braselton, Georgia

One of the oldest in the bunch, Skip Barber Racing School had a rough start back into the mid-70s, featuring rented cars and only a handful of students. It grew, however, to become one of the better known names in the race school industry.

At the moment, Skip Barber Racing School offers traditional courses in racing, as well as more street-oriented courses for defensive driving or high-performance driving. Skip Barber Racing is one of the few driving schools to offer single-seater training as part of its amateur and professional racing courses. If you’re looking to get serious about racing and want to learn from industry veterans, Skip Barber is a great cost-effective way to go.

Bridgestone Winter Driving School – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Where else to learn the art of snow handling than within the home of the best snow tire manufacturer in the world? It’s no secret that many of the current racing champions, be it rally, single-seater or touring cars have first learned how to race on ice and snow.

Bridgestone Winter Driving school offers programs aimed both at improving driving safety and damage reduction on the road, as well as performance classes to improve racing skills on slippery surfaces. As part of the one day program, students are taught the basics of weight transfer, cornering, low grip braking and accident avoidance.

 The Performance driving experiences of Bridgestone Winter Driving School dip into more advanced topics, including proven driving techniques from champion rally drivers. These topics include threshold braking, extreme weight transfer as well as skid control.