Toyota and Yamaha developing hydrogen-fuelled 449bhp V8

Toyota and Yamaha developing hydrogen-fuelled 449bhp V8

He added: “Hydrogen engines have an innately friendly feel that makes them easy to use even without resorting to electronic driving aids. Everyone who came to test-drive the prototype car would start off somewhat skeptical, but emerged from the car with a big smile on their face at the end.”

One particular characteristic Yamaha highlights is the V8’s raucous engine note, which can be preserved by adapting it to burn another type of fuel. Toyota said the same thing of the hydrogen-fuelled GR Yaris ‘H2’ prototype it showed last year, reinforcing the potential for the technology to serve the sports car segment in particular. 

Toyota’s European boss Matt Harrison said at the time that burning hydrogen would allow the firm to “deliver almost zero tailpipe emissions without electrification, but it does so whilst retaining the things which fans love most about race cars – the speed and the noise.” 

It is not the first time the two firms have collaborated on a highly strung sports car engine. The Lexus LFA hypercar’s 552bhp 4.8-litre V10 was a shared effort, and entirely bespoke to that car. 

Yamaha also designed the cylinder heads, inlet valves, camshafts and intake for the 2UR-GSE V8 used by the Lexus IS F, Lexus RC F, Lexus GS F and the Toyota Hilux Dakar racer.