Toyota Reveals Radical Sports EV Concept That Looks Headed For Production

Toyota Reveals Radical Sports EV Concept That Looks Headed For Production

Toyota has been more active than most other carmakers of late on the sports car scene. First, Japan’s No 1 carmaker teamed up with Subaru in 2012 to create the 86 (and Subaru BRZ) and then unveiled a second generation GR86 model this year. Then, it collaborated with BMW to launch the Supra (and BMW Z4) in 2019. And last year, it released the multiple-award winning 4WD GR Yaris based on the firm’s World Rally Championship car.

Now, in late 2021, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda tells us that the firm will be launching no less than 30 new Toyota and Lexus battery electric models by 2030 with the aim to produce a staggering 3.5 million EVs a year globally by 2030.

One car that stood out in the mix of concept cars Toyoda unveiled at his firm’s massive showroom complex in Tokyo this month was the stunning Toyota Sports EV Concept. No, that’s not a very sexy name for a sports car but it’s still early days and we can be assured (hopefully) that the company will come up with a more appealing name as launch time nears.

Looking like a compact supercar from 2025, the Sports EV concept takes on mid-engined proportions, boasts short front and rear overhangs and huge front and side air intakes to cool batteries, motors and brakes. C-shaped headlights completely dominate the nose section and the concept car appears to have a removable roof. 

No specifications were offered for the concept but we could imagine this stylish machine employing a down-tuned version of the electric powertrain that will propel the electric Lexus supercar concept also revealed on the same day. That car will sprint from zero to 60 mph in two seconds and according to Toyota and have a range of 435 miles.

The company could also use a tuned version of the just-revealed bZ4X electric SUV, Toyota’s first-ever EV. That car incorporates an all-wheel-drive system with two 107-hp motors powered by a 71.4kWh battery. Inside we can expect the car to feature a rectangular-shaped steering wheel similar to that employed in the bZ4X which boasts steering-by-wire technology.

If we take Toyota’s extremely positive EV outlook and its planned 30 new EVs by 2030 at face value, then the chances of the Sports EV Concept arriving in showrooms by 2024 look good.