Turbo Technics Ford Fiesta ST S285 2022 UK review

Turbo Technics Ford Fiesta ST S285 2022 UK review

It feels quite content to headbutt its 7000rpm limiter, too, at no point feeling strained, while also remaining perfectly tractable at low revs, with no hesitation or roughness.

If there is some coarseness, it’s from the Scorpion exhaust. At low revs it grumbles; at higher revs it shouts obnoxiously; and in general it buries any three-cylinder character under a loud blare. Kershaw says that it was the only system available when they started developing the turbo, and you’re welcome to choose a different exhaust, as long as it’s less restrictive than the standard one.

While the turbo conversion is brutally effective, it’s right at the limit of what the chassis can handle. On the cold winter’s day we drive it, it’s well over it.

If the boost comes in midway through the corner, the Michelin Pilot Supersport tyres will break traction quite suddenly and give up any attempt to follow the chosen cornering line. Lift off and the Fiesta’s naturally playful balance comes into play and quickly converts understeer into oversteer. 

Things improve as the road dries out, and the traction control actually does a good job of managing things if you just want to get from A to B, but it’s always going to be a raucous experience with plenty of torque-steer and one that will be frustrating during the colder months.