Used car buying guide: Audi R8

Used car buying guide: Audi R8

With all this in mind, the R8 is truly breathtaking from behind the wheel, both out on a twisty country road and at full tilt on track. But this is far from a one-trick pony. In fact, the R8 balances its more raucous aspects with some real Audi comfort and usability. Its plush interior is spacious and practical (for a two-seater), and the dashboard is designed logically and to be easy to use without being ostentatious.

In sum, this makes the R8 both a wonderful grand tourer and an exciting performance car. And do you know what else is exciting? Used prices. They start at an extremely tempting £32,000, making the R8 one of the most affordable used supercars money can buy. What’s more, it makes a compelling case as an investment, with well-maintained examples only likely to rise in value over time. Whether in V8 or V10 form, this is a serious car that warrants serious consideration.

What we said then – 14 January 2007

“Despite the supercar underpinnings and the sight of the mid-mounted V8 under a glass cover, the R8 drives more like a sports car. It delivers agility and massive cornering grip but matches this to impressive high-speed refinement and the sort of comfort necessary to devour transcontinental journeys at a sitting. If you’re already on the waiting list, then well done: the R8 looks set to become 2007’s must-have supercar.”

How to get one in your garage

An expert’s view – Alex Green, Fontain motors: “We have bought, sold and maintained R8s right back from the model launch in 2007 and really learned to love them in that time. In a changing world, and with a few years under their belts, they have cemented their position as a modern classic, becoming even more likeable and enjoyable with it.

“Some parts and repair jobs can be expensive, and careful, regular maintenance is essential, but the reward for investing in upkeep is a near-unique experience. An appreciating classic as usable as it is lovely to drive, the best examples are a rock-solid ownership proposition. It is unquestionably one of the finest cars Audi has yet built.”