Video: Hennessey Venom F5 unleashes full 1817bhp in testing

Video: Hennessey Venom F5 unleashes full 1817bhp in testing

The double-wishbone suspension uses passive dampers, but these can be adjusted for bump and rebound, and the car also offers five selectable driving modes, including Drag for acceleration and F5 for ultimate speed.

While the first F5 Venom was built in the UK, the others will be assembled in Texas – and offered in Europe under IVA homologation. With production limited to 24 cars, each carries a pre-tax price of $2.1 million (£1.58m).

Confidence in record potential

John Hennessey is adamant that the F5 Venom will be “considerably faster” than the old Venom GT, which recorded a 270.49mph two-way average at the Kennedy Space Center in 2014. His plan is to prove its performance with what he hopes will be a recognised production car speed record. The issue, he admits, is the limited space available on the Nasa runway.

He said: “From end to end, from the grass to the swamp, it’s 3.4 miles. The GT was still accelerating when it had to brake. I reckon with the F5, in ideal conditions, we will be approaching the 300mph range there, but I don’t know if we have enough room to beat Bugatti’s number [304.77mph] down there. I think if we’re going to try for absolute v-max, we’re going to have to do it on a road somewhere.”