Volkswagen ID 3 2021 long-term review

Volkswagen ID 3 2021 long-term review

From behind the wheel, the ID 3 has a slightly MPV-like feel, in that the windscreen pillars are pushed a long way forward, with sizeable quarterlights between them and the doors to aid visibility at junctions, and the base of the screen feels like the front of the car. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying that you get an excellent view forwards and to the sides and that the cabin feels very airy.

It’s already obvious that there have been some lapses in logic when it comes to the layout of the dashboard, and the infotainment system can be frustrating, but it remains to be seen whether these things matter all that much.

I’m far more interested in whether my ID 3 can deliver anything close to the range it promises. As long as it’s well north of 200 miles in real-world use, I will be happy, because that will give me the freedom to go places without too much effort. That will play a big part in how usable it turns out to be – and whether it deserves to be considered the people’s car of the EV era.

Second Opinion

I recently tried an ID 3 back to back with a Golf, and the biggest surprise was how similar the two felt. The ID 3 was more spacious and a touch smoother, but it didn’t feel much like a bold leap into the future like some EVs. I’m not sure that will be a problem for ID 3 buyers, who are likely to be seeking a car for 2021 rather than a taste of 2031.

James Attwood

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Volkswagen ID 3 Pro Performance Family specification

Specs: Price New £32,475 (after grant) Price as tested £34,770 (after grant) Options Heat pump £1000, 18in East Derry alloy wheels £650, Stonewashed Blue metallic paint £645

Test Data: Engine 1x electric motor Power 201bhp Torque 229lb ft Kerb weight 1805kg Top speed 99mph 0-62mph 7.3sec Range 263 miles CO2 0g/km Faults None Expenses None