Volkswagen to premiere retro ID Buzz EV on 9 March

Volkswagen to premiere retro ID Buzz EV on 9 March

The production ID Buzz adopts a squarer shape than the earlier concept in a move that, Volkswagen officials have told Autocar, is aimed at providing it with maximum interior space. 

The overall silhouette mirrors that of Volkswagen’s latest internal-combustion-engined Microbus, with which the new ID model is claimed to share elements of its bodyshell, chassis and interior architecture.

Many of the earlier concept’s styling cues have also been toned down, giving the new ID model a cleaner and perhaps less heavily contrived look than originally expected.

Key exterior design details exposed in the latest photographs issued by Volkswagen include angular headlights that wrap into the front wings. They are connected by a light band that runs through a large VW badge featured prominently on an angled bonnet. Lower down, there is a full-width grille similar to that of the concept. 

As with the Microbus, the production version of the ID Buzz adopts two conventional front-hinged doors at the front as well as two parallel sliding doors at the rear. 

Technical details of the new ID model have yet to be announced, although it is expected to share its drivetrain and battery configurations with other ID-badged models.

Significantly, the ID Buzz is also set to play a crucial role in the launch of Volkswagen’s autonomous driving technology, which the firm is developing in partnership with Argo AI. From launch in 2022, it is planned to be equipped with Level 2 semi-autonomous functionality as seen in other MEB based models, but Volkswagen says it is working to introduce Level 4 capability in 2025.

Volkswagen Group sibling company Moia has already confirmed it will be the first company to make use of the self-driving functions planned to be made available on the ID Buzz.