We Rocket Through The Desert In A Polaris RZR XP 1000

We Rocket Through The Desert In A Polaris RZR XP 1000

I was the wrong guy for 50% of this trip, as I told the nice man who invited me.

Drive the RZR XP 1000, one of Polaris’ most ferocious off-roaders, in the desert sand? Amen.

Try out the new Battlefield 2042 game, where players can shoot, launch rockets, hunt and get shot?

As I also told the nice man, “My last gaming experience was the Galaga I played at a hotel in Austin in March. Before that, it was Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Moon Cresta.

It was ok with him. Maybe I’d get the bug, so I could understand what my BFF means when she talks about last night’s Frogger, I mean “Dungeons and Dragons.”

So, off with me.

First I will tell you about the RZR XP 1000. A mighty ride. An explosive ride. A ride delivering a skull-rattling afternoon of woah.

A bunch of us packed, masked and carrying lunches, into a van, winding through the mountains outside San Bernardino, where the heavens had chosen kindness this day of mild temps and winds. (The next day would bring a vicious rainstorm and freezing cold and fog that slowed speeds on the mountain to about 15 MPH.)

We disembarked at Happy Trails Rental, obtained helmets, went through a safety briefing, and away we sped in a bunch of RZR XP 1000s.

It wasn’t long before we thought our faces would break off from laughing, despite reaching speeds of only about 30 MPH.

One could imagine, during the times when we weren’t being tossed around like a jumping bean, a Brontosaurus lumbering over the horizon. On the straighaways it seemed as though someone had installed a few hundred speed bumps. Bam, bam, bam, bam, we bounced over them and laughed, laughed, laughed, laughed.

My partner and I had never met but by the time we took a break to switch spots in driver and passenger seats, we were pals. We mostly communicated by shouting, which made it even funner.

After lunch and continuing to climb, crawl, speed and bounce, when we were spent and full of dust and sand head to toe, our host piled everyone, two at a time, for a last joyride over the sand and brush. Only this time it was in the RZR Turbo S where we blasted, at times, at speeds of up to 70 mirthful miles per hour, and the faces cracked anew from the guffaws.

Check out its awesome specs here. Back we piled into the van, all burnt and dirty and pleased in general with life.

Now, to the gaming portion – Battlefield 2042

I have never golfed in my life, nor have I ever skiied, but that doesn’t mean I begrudge anyone who is ga-ga over those activities. It doesn’t hurt me.

A gameboy was placed in my hands, a man showed me how to use it and I spent about 15 minutes blowing stuff up and advancing and retreating, and it was all jolly good fun.

That said, you will not see my name in a tournament, nor find me on line looking for partners across the globe to play with. Next lifetime.

But listen to this!


The most significant and timely aspect of this trip for fans of both gaming and off-roading was the announcement that, to celebrate the launch of Battlefield 2042, Polaris and other game partners are running a six-week prize giveaway, including daily, weekly and grand prize winners.

Fans may participate by opting in to receive weekly notifications; watching, liking and sharing the game trailer, following social accounts, and liking and sharing social posts. Daily and weekly prizes include:

*Battlefield 2042 games

*Logitech gaming accessories like a laptop, headset, keyboard and mouse

*Polaris and EA-branded merchandise

*An AKRacing gaming chair

*A video game console.

The grand prize is a custom Battlefield 2042-inspired Polaris Sportsman XP 1000, which is featured in the game trailer.

Valued at nearly $30,000, the vehicle was hand-painted to mirror the in-game vehicle. Giveaways are live now and run through January 3, 2022.

More information on entry, prizes and eligibility can be found at playr.gg/Polaris.