Which EV to buy? Every electric car on sale

Which EV to buy? Every electric car on sale


Soul EV

Quirky and capable, the third-generation Soul is sold exclusively as an EV in the UK and Europe. Using the most powerful motor-and-battery combination from the closely related Hyundai Kona Electric, it delivers an impressive range of 280 miles. The 201bhp motor serves up surprisingly brisk performance, while the quick steering and compact dimensions result in accurate and agile handling. The ride is a little firm and the boxy looks won’t be to all tastes, but as a cost-effective, roomy and well-equipped family runaround, the 64kWh Soul EV has plenty going for it. And, of course, it’s backed by Kia’s market-leading seven-year warranty.


It’s not the most exciting EV to drive, typically rapid acceleration aside, but the e-Niro is one of the most complete cars of its type on sale. Like the Soul EV, it takes its batteries and motor from the Hyundai Kona Electric, meaning a choice of 134bhp and 39kWh or 201bhp and 64kWh. The former is best avoided, as it doesn’t cost much less but delivers a range that’s more than 100 miles short of the latter’s impressive 282. The e-Niro’s handling is secure rather than scintillating, but it’s quiet and rides well. And while its cabin feels a little low-rent, it’s roomy, it’s well-equipped and it has a decent boot. With prices starting at around £30,000, not much else currently gets close.


Perhaps one of the most eagerly anticipated mainstream electric cars yet, the EV6 hasn’t disappointed. While it shares its underpinning with the impressive Ioniq 5 from Hyundai, the Kia is intended as a sportier proposition, which is reflected in its higher power outputs of 226bhp for the RWD model and 321bhp for the 4WD, while the only battery option is the larger 73kWh unit. Its interior is cosier and more compact, but it handles with greater precision and control, while its more slippery coupé-style body delivers an even greater (328-mile) range. The best news is that Porsche Taycan-rivalling (yes, really!) 577bhp GT model is on the way.