Why Fisker will shine this time around, according to its CEO

Why Fisker will shine this time around, according to its CEO

“When you think about the premium segment we’re in, the UK has traditionally always led when it comes to specialty vehicles, which is one of the reasons we’re establishing Magic Works in England: you have a lot of talent there.

“Getting [ex-Aston Martin Racing boss] David King on board, who I know from my days at Aston Martin, will allow us to do some exceptional, enthusiast-focused vehicles that will be higher-priced and lower-volume.”

Will Magic Works have a hand in series-production cars?

“Right now, we’re looking at Magic Works running our higher-end vehicles. We’re dividing it into two different segments: one is high-volume vehicles below $70,000 [£52,000], then we’re looking at lower-volume vehicles – not one-offs – and they’re above $70,000. We will talk more next year about what those models are, but right now we have two vehicles that David is working with me on defining. We already have design concepts for those two vehicles. And then the second role for Magic Works is that if we end up doing specialty vehicles, like a police version of the Ocean, that will probably be done there.”

Can you imagine developing cars specifically for Europe?

“I don’t think that has any value any more: those days are over. That’s why you see a lot of the big car companies cancel their small, Europe-only cars: it’s very hard to make money if you only serve one continent. I think you need to make global cars that appeal to the world and specifically the US, Europe and China, and that’s our aim.