Winners and losers in the 2021 UK car market

Winners and losers in the 2021 UK car market

2020 market share: 7.08%, 2021 market share: 7.16%

Another fine year, with the stars the 3 Series and the X3, which is for the first time outselling Land Rover’s Discovery Sport.

Citroen – up

2020 market share: 1.72%, 2021 market share: 1.87%

The cars that have increased sales are its smallest: the C1 and C3. Given the C1 will soon perish, that doesn’t bode well.

Cupra – up

2020 market share: 0.01%, 2021 market share: 0.46%

Cupra has been on the market for five minutes and already is outselling Alfa and DS. A stylish sporty crossover that feels premium, the Formentor has got off to a very good start.

Dacia – down 

2020 market share: 1.16%, 2021 market share: 1.03%

Dacia’s share may be down, but the new Duster, Jogger and Sandero should lead it to a strong recovery in 2022.

DS – down

2020 market share: 0.15%, 2021 market share: 0.14%

Increasingly looks like a French Alfa (nice heritage, shocking sales). If it didn’t exist, would anyone bother inventing it?

Ferrari – up

2020 market share: 0.06%, 2021 market share: 0.06%

Enthusiasts dream about the cars, financiers of the business model. The best heritage plus the best image plus the most consistent demand equals the highest margins in the industry.

Ford – down

2020 market share: 9.37%, 2021 market share: 7.46%

Ford of Britain’s annus horribilis. There was always a strong likelihood of Volkswagen overtaking it this year, but no one expected the Blue Oval to be fighting to maintain second place ahead of Audi and BMW. Chip shortage has hit it particularly hard.