Woman shares car mirror hack that can reveal if your man is cheating on you

Woman shares car mirror hack that can reveal if your man is cheating on you

One woman has taken to TikTok to share a clever hack to catch a cheater, and it takes just seconds to set up.

Aurie Louisse posted a video on the social media site to explain the trick, showing herself pulling down the passenger side visor mirror and opening it halfway.

She then closed the visor with the mirror still open.

“How to know if he’s seeing someone lol #hack,” she wrote on the video, which she captioned: “Old hack but effective.”

The trick means that if a woman gets into the passenger side and checks her make-up in the visor mirror, she’ll probably close it again when she’s finished – meaning the person who set up the trap will know when they check the car.

However, the hack divided opinion among viewers, with many commenting that other people use the mirrors as well.

“1. Boys use mirrors too 2. His mom or sister or someone from his family could’ve used it 3. He might of used it 4. If u can’t trust him then break up,” one person wrote.

“I’m a boy and I use the mirrors💀 and also while you’re driving it can shift back closed,” someone else added.

“Until the car hits a speed bump and it fixes itself,” a third person commented.

Others suggested that if you’re worried your other half is cheating you should trust your gut rather than set up a trap.

Aurie Louisse posted the video on Tiktok
Aurie Louisse posted the video on Tiktok saying that the “hack” was a way to catch your partner cheating.
Aurie Louisse mirror trick
Aurie Louisse said that cracking the passenger mirror is the best way to catch them as women are more likely to check their makeup and then will close the mirror.

“if your gut is telling you something is off its probably true,” one wrote.

“What ever happened to trust?” someone else asked.

“Or if you have that much of an issue, just talk to him. If you can’t simply ask then there’s something wrong.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission