Zeekr 001 2022 review | Autocar

Zeekr 001 2022 review | Autocar

In the main, the interior materials and finish are impressive and the architecture quite pleasing, with the layered dashboard and driver-orientated centre console notable highlights. 

Equipment levels are also high, and interestingly the 001 is the first production car to feature a Yamaha sound-system. 

The 15.4in touchscreen controls most functions and won’t be to all tastes. It dominates the cabin, Tesla-style, although not in quite as stark fashion, thanks to the Zeekr’s dedicated instrument display and some other physical switchgear. 

Zeekr’s desire to give the 001 some level of sportiness is evident on the road, and the steering is decently accurate and responsive, with more life in the motion than we’ve come to expect from inert EV racks.

There’s also a Dynamic driving mode, which in contrast to Comfort weights up the steering and cuts from slack from the air suspension. The other modes include Eco, Snow and Off-Road, which raises the ride height. 

The 4WD version of course has very brisk acceleration and happily tolerates being put down more challenging roads, although it’s no sports car.

There’s breadth here, though: Comfort mode has the air suspension soaking up bumps nicely.

True one-pedal driving is possible via a selection on the menu, but speed only really rapidly bleeds off below about 30mph.

A head-up display aids your situational awareness.